Home Cinema Systems

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With TV's getting larger and equipment prices coming down on a seemingly weekly basis, having that big screen experience in the comfort of your own home is now easily achievable.
You may be looking for brand new state of the art equipment to be installed into a dedicated cinema room or your own pre-purchased equipment fitted. Alternatively, the same cinema room experience can be achieved in smaller living spaces with a wall mounted TV, ceiling speakers and an AV receiver.

Arrange a consultation to discuss your needs.

To create the full cinema room experience, the installation would typical include -

  • TV's/Projectors
  • Projector Screens
  • AV Receivers
  • Blu-ray Players/DVD Players
  • Media Streamers
  • Wall mounted Speakers
  • In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Surround Sound systems

As well as supplying and installing the above equipment, all essential cabling is included. Should you require any repairs or servicing to an existing home cinema system please contact the team to discuss your needs further.  

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