Home Networks

If you have any type of wireless router and an internet connection in your house then you essentially have the basis of a home network.

We have the expertise to expand on this using a mixture of technologies, ensuring your devices stay connected whatever the circumstances. This is achieved by using a combination of both wired and Wi-Fi technologies.

Installing network cables into your home or business may initially feel like a step backwards, but it is a proven fact that a hardwired connection is more dependable than the Wi-Fi equivalent. More specifically, if you are considering streaming any type of Audio, Video or Data between any network attached devices (Computer, Laptop, Network attached storage (NAS), Games console or TV's), hardwiring is highly recommended.
Although most homes have at least one wireless (Wi-Fi) router set up for internet, unfortunately it is not always the most reliable connection for all of your devices. The connection can often be affected by a number of factors in and around the home, a major one being newly installed steels in extensions. Using additional Wi-Fi access points throughout properties we can make sure that dead spots are a certain thing of the past.

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